4 Basement Waterproofing Tips to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

A home needs a solid foundation, and that is something that simply cannot be denied. You should not take the solidity of your foundation for granted, though. If your foundation is not as solid as it ought to be then you could soon be facing severe problems and some hefty bills.

Here are 4 basement waterproofing tips that will help you to protect your foundation.

Check for Cracks

The clearest sign that your foundation is in need of a little TLC is the presence of any cracks on your basement walls. Small cracks that are less than an inch in size can be filled in yourself. Anything larger and you will need the services of a professional.

You should never leave a crack unattended to. Cracks only ever get bigger, not smaller.

Keep Vegetation at Bay

What happens above ground when it comes to vegetation is obvious, but what happens under the ground is less so. Trees and other plants have strong, slow-growing roots that can wind their way into your foundation and basement walls. It’s best to keep the areas closest to your foundation free of vegetation.

Any Signs of Water Intrusion?

The number one enemy of your foundation is moisture. If water is allowed to seep into your foundation unchecked it will widen cracks and weaken your walls. Water generally enters a basement via the external ground, and once water intrusion is a problem it’s a problem that will go on to create further problems!

If your basement suddenly has unexplained patches of dampness, or if mold and mildew has begun to form on your basement walls, then you have a water intrusion problem.

Get Your Foundation Checked By the Pros

There are lots of things that can go wrong with your foundation, and some of them are not at all apparent, even to the naked eye. If you want the ultimate in peace-of-mind, then get your foundation inspected, and on regular basis. If you get the professionals to check your foundation, then they can spot issues that you could likely miss.

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