5 Minute Basement Moisture Test: Basement Waterproofing MI

basement moisture test

Moisture buildup in your basement can lead to mold, mildew, and a slew of other problems. Rather than putting your home at risk, you can conduct a simple 5 minute basement moisture test to check for water vapor in the air. Even if you have gotten basement waterproofing in the past, it’s a good idea to check for moisture periodically. Here are some tips from our basement waterproofing company in Michigan.

The Five Minute Basement Moisture Test

To conduct this test, all you need is aluminum foil and duct tape. Put a square of foil on your basement wall and seal the edges with duct tape. Wait 24 hours, and then remove the foil square from the wall.

If the foil is dry when you pull it off, you don’t have any moisture in the walls. If there are droplets of water on the back of the foil, that means there is some sort of water in the walls. Your basement doesn’t have to be flooding for it to have excess moisture. This test can help you see signs of water damage before they get out of hand.

Where Does The Water Come From?

Water in the basement can come from two sources: humid air inside the basement or groundwater outside the basement. In Michigan, we have higher levels of water in our soil than most other states because the ground contains sand from the lakes. The sand is not absorbent like other soils, so the water stays stagnant in the ground. This can get into your basement if it is not waterproofed.

Interior moisture usually comes from a leaky pipe or an unsecure dryer vent that is putting humid air into the room. You can address these issues independently and see if that gets rid of the moisture.

What To Do If You Find Moisture

If your basement fails the five minute test, you can contact a company like Tom’s Basement Waterproofing to do an inspection. We will look for the source of the moisture and find the best treatment for it. If you need basement waterproofing, we can provide a quote for that service so you know exactly what’s in store. Then we will go to work protecting your basement for the future. With our help, you home will always pass the five minute basement moisture test.