5 Signs You May Need a French Drain for Your Home

5 Signs You May Need a French Drain for Your Home

Do you have chronic flooding issues, or is your basement constantly inundated with water? French drains are an old-school, but effective method for keeping groundwater out of your basement and away from the sensitive foundation of your home. A French drain installed properly can save you thousands on home repair bills and even improve the resale value of your home. Here are several reasons why you may need a French drain installed soon.

Soil Is Not Draining, And There Are Numerous Puddles In Your Yard

Puddles, while innocuous, are one of the first indicators that you may need a French drain. If the soil does not adequately absorb and move water away from your home, it could lead to unseen flooding. These issues are most prominent in arid climates where the soil is hard or those with excessive rainfall beyond what normal drainage can handle.

Your Yard Is Saturated With Water

Moving further from soil not draining, if you don’t have puddles, but your yard is consistently wet and muddy, it indicates that the dirt cannot hold any more water. The saturated ground is an indication of a drainage issue and could be assisted by the installation of a French drain.

Consistent Moisture Or Musty Smell Inside Of Your Basement

The scent of mold is never a good sign in a basement, whether you spend much time there or not. If moisture is gathering within your basement, and things such as dehumidifiers are not working, it may indicate excessive water leaking from your foundation. A French drain helps to move that water that may gather in unseen locations and reduce moisture buildup.

You Have, Or Intend To Install, A Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can prevent erosion and provide additional support to your home. However, water can become trapped between the retaining wall and pose a danger. A French drain paired with a retaining wall will help to reduce drainage problems and ensure your home suffers little to no water damage.

Your Basement Leaks Often

Sometimes you can do nothing to stop flooding, save a complete basement overhaul. If your basement is consistently leaking from a sealant or plumbing issue, a French drain may help mitigate the damage caused by water and provide a welcome backup in the event of uncontrolled flooding.

Benefits Of Installing A French Drain

  1. The Water Goes Where You Want It. If you constantly battle water in or around your home, you will notice it goes along the path of least resistance, which could be into or alongside your home’s foundation. A French drain lets you control the water’s direction and where it will end up (usually a sewer or drain field).
  2. A Stronger Foundation For Your Home. Excess water can damage and potentially fully degrade the foundation of a home. A satisfactorily installed French drain will help to redirect this water and protect your home for years.
  3. The Entire Process Is Relatively Easy To Install. While digging a ditch and filling it with gravel sounds intensive, it is not a complicated process and can be done by a team in as little as a single day (depending on the drain size and home).
  4. French Drains Are Known For Their Durability. French drains must be durable due to the pressure that water can exert alongside the soil placed over the drain. A well-crafted and adequately installed drain will last years, if not exceed the lifetime of the home it is installed next to.

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