6 Signs You Need New Gutters

A low angle view of soffit, gutters, downspout and vinyl siding on a new home. Blue sky is in the background.

Your gutters are like many things around your house – you don’t notice them when they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, but you do notice them when things are going wrong. The lifespan of a home’s gutter system varies depending on the local environment – with the wide range of weather we experience here in Michigan your gutters are incredibly important.

If you feel that you might need new gutters but are not absolutely sure, then here are 6 signs it’s likely time to reach out to a gutter contractor.

Gutter Quality – Cracks and Peeling Paint

If your gutters have cracked, then you might think your only option is to replace them but that may not be the case as gutters can be repaired. The same with peeling paint (a sign that the gutters are not draining quickly enough) as gutters can be repainted. However, if your gutters have several of these issues, it might be time to replace them.

Mildew or Pools of Water

Not on the gutters themselves, but at your foundation level. If mildew is forming, or pools of water are collecting, then there’s the likelihood that your gutters are not working as they should. Don’t panic at first as they may just need clearing, but it could be a sign that new gutters are required.

Signs of Water Damage

If you can spot signs of water damage directly beneath the gutter, then this is a sign that your gutter is leaking, or something is causing it to overflow. If left untreated, your soffit and fascia board could be damaged, as well as your foundation.

Sagging Gutters

Just like people, gutters sag when they age. This is because of the weight of the water they transport. If your gutters are not working properly then they will sag, so this is a sure sign that an intervention is required.

Breaking Seams

Your gutters are often made from stretches of metal that are joined together. These seams are the weakest part of the gutter and can crack and break. Again, a single break can be repaired, but if you spot numerous breaks, new gutters could be the only answer. They now make seamless gutters which help prevent this problem, but if your gutters are past a certain age they likely have seams.


Water and metal do not mix, at least not over time. Water causes metal to erode, and rust can form. If you notice that your gutters are more rust than metal, then it’s time to replace.

If You Have Foundation Damage Due to Poorly Functioning Gutters Reach Out to Tom’s Basement Waterproofing

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