A Little Known but Prevailing Cause of Foundation Damage

House with Autumn Leaves in Foreground

When it comes to damage to our home or business’s foundation, most owners tend to think the cause is near the foundation. The truth, however, is that the cause of damage to your foundation may be coming from further away than you realize.

While the landscape, soil, and degree of grading or positioning of downspouts adjacent to your home are the most typical causes, there could also be an issue coming from beyond your property lines. It is important to know the specific cause of the damage.

Knowing the cause of cracks in your foundation or basement walls goes a long way to help determine the proper repair. The professional foundation repair experts at an established and reputable company like Tom’s Basement Waterproofing know the signs to look for to see if this little-known cause is at work on your property.

Look Beyond Your Property Lines

When the street in front of your home or business is made of concrete slabs, the material is susceptible to thermal contraction and expansion as the years go by. The material freezes and thaws in a climate like that of Michigan over time and the expansion joints between the slabs widen.

As these joints widen, debris from the road itself makes its way into the joints. This process keeps the joints from being able to restrict once the temperature warms again. Therefore, the slabs then push against each other.

As the slabs shift, your sidewalks, driveway, and foundation wind up in the path of their movement. For homes in well-established neighborhoods, this threat can be identified by certified inspectors.

Specific Causes Require Specific Solutions

When foundation piering is properly designed and installed, a home’s structure is lifted to its proper elevation and vertical support is provided in order to keep the home from settling further. Restoring the structural integrity of a home or business is necessary if there are cracks or other signs of damage to its foundation.

Whatever the cause of damage that may now be allowing water to cause more issues in your foundation or basement, an experienced residential and commercial foundation repair contractor is needed to fix the issue.

Fortunately, a company like Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has almost 40 years of experience in providing foundation repair and prevention to residents in the Chesterfield MI area and beyond. Call Tom’s Basement Waterproofing at 586-776-7270 or get in touch online today!