Back Up Generators To Keep Your House Running

Standby Backup GeneratorsWith the volatile Michigan weather, a power outage could come at any moment. These natural hazards can cost homeowners thousands in repairs and damages, which often result from basement flooding and sump pump failures. Many across Metro Detroit have recently dealt with the effects of these outages and brownouts, but shouldn’t fear the repercussions of the future!

At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we recommend that all homeowners should start looking into a reliable backup plan. What is your best option? A backup generator is the most trusted way to ensure that your basement will be free of floods and leaks, during the next heavy storm.

A backup generator will grant you safety and peace of mind, for years to come. Your most trusted appliances, sump pumps, and other electrical equipment will keep running, even when everything else is black.

Backup generators are typically gas-powered, and many have the capacity to keep an entire home running, when you’re waiting for emergency responders to get to work. These generators are vital when heavy rains plague our areas, especially when it comes to ensuring sump pump functionality. Many residents don’t consider a backup generator, due to their typical use in large facilities and businesses. However, many companies are starting to provide single-family homes with reliable and reasonably priced backup generators, for emergencies like flooding.

Most backup generators are designed to run automatically. Typically, within moments of a power outage, the generator receives a signal to transfer energy and power to the areas of your home it is assigned. Likewise, once the power returns to your home, your backup generator will turn off. Most residential generators are designed to provide relief to homeowners’ refrigerators, stove, heaters, and basement electrical equipment. Essentially, your life can continue as usual, even if everything else around you has shut down. After purchasing a backup generator, we recommend that you test the machine weekly, or at least twice a month, to ensure that it will run during an emergency moment.

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing wants to help save you time, money, and headaches down the line. The high cost of repairs from flooding due to power outages is a hassle that no one should have to face. With an option such as a backup generator, your family can sleep more peacefully at night.

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