Basement Waterproofing Myths

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing wants to set the record straight, and put to rest some of the most common myths about basement waterproofing. Read along to finally get the facts!

Myth: Black tar paint on any foundation is really the only fix you need:

Myths about Basement WaterproofingWaterproof paint, or black tar paint, is not the same as basement waterproofing. When placed on the outside or inside of a foundation repair, the most it will do is limit the vapor release in your house. Many new homebuilders often say that this method is the only thing you need to ensure that water will stay out of your basement. However, be warned that this tactic will not keep your basement water free, and a proper basement waterproofing will appropriately disperse the water out of your home.

Myth: Basement waterproofing will not stop leaky basements:

If basement waterproofing didn’t work, then quality companies such as Tom’s Basement wouldn’t still be in business. This myth is most commonly heard, because unprofessional companies or DIY approaches don’t get the job done right the first time. When a professional has guaranteed the quality of the work completed, you should feel secure in knowing that water will no longer enter your basement. Quality basement waterproofing contractors will explain every step of the process to you, and visually show you the benefits of their work. While you may hear people state this sentence frequently, know that installing a complete waterproofing system in your basement will ensure water to be eliminated for good.

Myth: You’ll never hear from your basement waterproofer’s again:

At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and most of our success is based off referrals. In times past, contractors were not as scrutinized by rules and regulations, as are set today. Our level of outstanding integrity and delight we take in our work, allows us to stay with you and your family for any future questions, needs, or woes.

Myth: If an interior/exterior system didn’t work for me, it won’t work for you either:

There is not “one-size fit’s all” fix for every basement, which is why the basement waterproofing industry has several options for eliminating leaks and water. Every home, neighborhood, environment, and situation is different and requires a unique approach. While similar concepts can be applied to many homes, you can feel confident in knowing that Tom’s Basement thoroughly assesses your home specifically, to meet its exact needs.

Myth: Basement waterproofing is too expensive to afford:

Along with every home and situation being different, every quote is also unique. The amount of work that needs to be completed for a basement waterproofing job will vary. The scope of work with Tom’s Basement is always excessively scrutinized, ensuring that you are never paying any more than necessary. While a basement waterproofing system can be an investment, it is worth the time and money to ensure the longevity of your home.