Basement Waterproofing & Your Foundation

Basement Waterproofing Is A Wise Investment For Your Home

If you’ve decided to visit Tom’s Basement Waterproofing blog, chances are you have a leakage or water issue currently happening in your home. Whether your basement waterproofing issues are a result of a leak, standing water, a buildup of moisture, or water coming through the walls, any situation needs immediate and thorough attention. With basement waterproofing, your home can quickly benefit from removal of water and dryer conditions. However, did you know that basement waterproofing can also expand the overall life of your home? Let’s look at how waterproofing your basement can help with the lifespan of your home’s foundation.

Basement waterproofing is insurance for your foundation, and any problems that may arise in the future. When water starts emerging through the slabs of concrete in your walls, or anywhere else a crack has formed in the foundation, pressure has started to build inside and outside the foundation walls of your home. Hydrostatic pressure that is developed in the water, from the soil around your home, can place tension on the foundation of your home, ultimately making it weak. Unfortunately, on top of the many issues that can occur from this pressure, the most severe is structural damage to your home. Hydrostatic pressure could potentially cause a foundation wall to start bowing or collapsing on a block wall. Likewise, on poured walls within your foundation, the hydrostatic pressure can lead to more foundation cracks, water problems, corrosion, or settling within the foundation, causing the home to move. These issues can lead to even more problems and costly fixes, such as underpinning your home to realign the foundation.

Basement waterproofing is ideal for fixing any water, moisture, or leakage issues that may be occurring in your home. Additionally, it has been proven that basement waterproofing can benefit your foundation, and improve the longevity of your home. This prevention of structural damage, and other future issues, can save you money and headaches down the line. If you are noticing any sign of structural problems, it is time to look into basement waterproofing. The licensed and professional contracts at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing also specialize in foundation repair and structural repair. We are equip with our own process of underpinning, and other realignment solutions. The contractors at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing will make sure to examine the foundation of your home closely and with unique precision, which allows us to customize any service work necessary, for your specific home.

While basement waterproofing is an obvious solution for water that is sitting in your home, don’t forget that it also wears many hats. The next time you’re looking into improving upon your foundation, give us a call at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing. We’ll be happy to help you create longevity in your home! (586) 776-7270

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