Causes of Foundation Cracks In Michigan

causes foundation cracks

Foundation problems can happen for different reasons throughout the country. Changes in soil content, weather patterns, building laws and other factors can change the way a home’s foundation may settle during construction and over time. If you are worried about cracks in the basement or uneven concrete in your home, check out these common causes of foundation problems in Michigan.

Sand In The Soil

Due to the proximity to the Great Lakes, the soil throughout Michigan is layered with sand. Sand is not designed to support the weight of a building like traditional dirt will. When it rains, the granules of sand shift. They do not absorb water like the rest of the soil does. All of this movement leads to a variety of foundation cracks, depending on the weight and age of the building.

Improper Moisture Distribution

Soil’s expansion abilities greatly outweigh its shrinking abilities. In other words, soil is a lot more likely to change shape when it absorbs water than it is when it dries up. This water can come from plumbing leaks underneath the home, as well as rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation. One of the biggest issues that homeowners run into is a lack of proper water drainage from their roofs, gutters, and landscape features. If pools of water get trapped near the base of your home, the pressure from the swelling soil and the water itself could be enough to crack the foundation over time.

Freezing/Melting Ice And Snow

With the cold winters in Michigan, one of the common reasons for foundation crack repairs is the freezing and melting of snow and ice on the ground. This process causes the soil to shrink and expand several times over, eventually forcing the foundation to shift. Shoveling show around your home will help to reduce this impact, but at the end of the day, you can’t change Mother Nature.

Poor Foundation Installation

There is nothing worse than a rushed foundation installation, but we see the aftermath of that kind of work time and time again. Without proper preparation and construction practices, even a brand new foundation can crack in a short amount of time. That’s why it’s so important to trust high quality foundation installers in Michigan when you construct your building. Otherwise, you may have a hefty foundation repair bill for preventable problems.