Close Up Those Crawl Spaces

Man looking into crawl space under house

As soon as you’ve turned off the heat in your home, it feels like it’s only a few days later that the air conditioning is already running. Regardless of which setting your thermostat is currently on, air is bound to escape from your home. This is where proper insulation becomes important.

The purpose of insulation is to keep warm and cool air inside, save on your electricity bills, and keep you comfortable all day long. The problem with crawl spaces is they are usually where most of the heat and air escape, as they are often not insulated. Tom’s Basement Waterproofing wants to combat this problem and encourage you to look at all of your crawl spaces and see if there is more you can do to improve your home.

In newly built homes, crawl spaces are not insulated because they are sealed shut. However, in older homes, where crawl spaces are more accessible, these areas usually have vents to let air away from the home. If you’re looking to seal a crawl space in an older home to save you money, resources, and future hassles, there are a few things to know that Tom’s Basement Waterproofing will tackle.

  • We will search your home for any crawl spaces that are not sealed, and eliminate any water or moisture that has pooled in this area.
  • Once the area is completely dry, the foundation around the walls is completely insulated in the crawl space. This is done with spray foam and band board.
  • A vapor barrier is installed in the foundation, and we then carefully seal the crawl space for good. We also make sure that any exposed pipes are properly covered for the winter, and that this area is fully waterproofed as to not produce mold or mildew in the future.

When most homeowners think of adding insulation, they often think of their attics and basements. However, the crawl space shouldn’t be forgotten, as it also can have an effect on your family’s reaction to allergies, keeping rodents outside, and maintaining the flowing air inside.

When you’re looking to improve the quality of your home and keep your foundation in tack, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing are your go to professionals across Metro Detroit! For more information on how to properly insulate crawl spaces, and other confined areas of your home, give us a call today! (586) 776-7270