Critical Maintenance for a Sump Pump System

Submersible water Pump for flood prevention in a basement floor

Homeowners with a sump pump installed in their basement or crawl space can easily take the system for granted. Not realizing just how vital the sump pump is in keeping your home healthy and dry is easy with them being out of sight.

Proper installation from an experienced professional who understands the role of a sump pump in waterproofing a home can be a huge money saver. Without the correct system suitably installed, basements and crawlspaces become a breeding ground for moisture damage…or worse.

Avoid Damage to Your Foundation and Your Belongings

With minimal maintenance, a sump pump can stay off a homeowner’s mind while it works to keep a home from flooding and water damage. The maintenance your sump pump requires depends on several factors and being informed on the details is critical.

A sump pump that fails due to inadequate maintenance puts you and your home at risk. Keeping your space, your furnishings, and your health safe is possible with knowing how to keep your sump pump going strong.

It is important for a homeowner to be knowledgeable of the sump pump system in question. Make sure to have the manual that accompanies your specific make and model handy for quick reference.

Keeping a Sump Pump Up and Running Right

The age, the capacity, and the condition of a sump pump can tell you a lot about its effectiveness. A system that is more than 10 years old will typically require different maintenance than one that was just installed.

Developing a regular rhythm for maintenance will ensure you are doing all you can to set your sump pump up for success when you need it most. A monthly check by the homeowner is often sufficient in recognizing the need for further action.

This monthly check should include inspecting the discharge line, listening for unusual noises such as grinding or rattling, and examining the system for any leaks.

Owners are also wise to clean the sump pump and pit on a regular basis while ensuring the proper covers and a backup system are installed. An experienced company like Tom’s Basement Waterproofing are experts in sump pump installation and maintenance.

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