Dehumidifiers For Summer Basement Solutions

Keep Your Basement Dry With A DehumidifierMichigan summer months can get incredibly hot and humid, especially when our past winter was so damp. With the higher levels of humidity in the air, crawl spaces and basement moisture can start to rise.

Controlling the moisture levels in your home is a crucial part of maintaining basement waterproofing and ensuring a high standard of quality of air. High levels of humidity can also trigger allergies, asthma, and damage household items such as a furniture and clothing.

What Does A Dehumidifier Do?

A dehumidifier works to produce air over areas that the air conditioning and ventilation system in your home may not have access to. Air is pushed over a set of coils in the system, in order to remove or minimize moisture levels, mostly targeted towards a basement. This accumulated moisture is then placed back into the coils, and dispensed into a basin that drains the water out of the dehumidifier. The thinner and less moisture heavy air is then pushed back through the coils and spread across the room.

Should I Get A Dehumidifier? 

Air conditioning may not be enough for your home, and dehumidifiers are highly recommended to maintain proper moisture levels. In basements and crawl spaces, the damp air is caused by natural elements outside, and the air conditioning is not always able to reach these small nooks. To avoid smelly odors, a dehumidifier reestablishes the humidity level in your home to a proper balance. On average your RH level on your dehumidifier should bat 50% in the summer and 30% in the winter.

Dehumidifier Options To Maintain Basement Waterproofing

When looking to purchase a dehumidifier, you’ll want a machine that meets the capacity requirements for your space or basement. Make sure to measure and consider the following:

  • Which area will be targeted with the dehumidifier (measure in square feet)
  • Which method will be utilize to remove the water from the dehumidifier
  • How much energy do you need out of a dehumidifier

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing suggests that all of our customers look into dehumidifiers to maintain quality basement waterproofing. There are several options available for your home and needs, and most new dehumidifiers are energy efficient. Call Tom’s Basement Waterproofing today for more information on which dehumidifier would work best for you, and if this is your best option for ensuring the best basement waterproofing plan for your home. (586) 776-7270