Different Types of Basement Cracks Mean Different Types of Damage

Clean white basement with concrete floor.

When was the last time you checked your basement walls for new cracks? Once you’ve taken the time to examine your walls to discover cracks, take a good look at them. There’s more to each little fracture than meets the eye.

There’s no Need to Panic

Cracks in your basement wall means you are in need of waterproofing as soon as possible, but these fissures can actually be a blessing. The cracks tell you there is problem. Without them, you would most likely not even realize the need for action. Once you have discovered the cracks, it is important to know what they are trying to tell you.

Different Basement Wall Cracks Illustrate Different Conditions

You can use the crack’s characteristics to better understand the problem at hand. Pay close attention to which direction the crack is going. Horizontal cracks mean something different than diagonal or vertical cracks. A horizontal crack is the one to be most concerned over. This could mean there is pressure from the soil on the other side of the wall causing it to bow and the need for work on your foundation is very pressing.

A diagonal crack that begins at the top of the wall is also most likely caused by soil pressure, but that’s not the only cause. Perhaps your foundation is settling or maybe new concrete is shrinking as it dries completely over time. These types of cracks can also occur in concrete blocks, especially near your basement steps, if also concrete.

Vertical cracks in the middle of the wall can have several different causes. Sometimes these fractures are caused by shrinking materials. Other times vertical wall cracks can result from movement of the wall itself.

Each of these types of cracks are leaving you susceptible to water damage from moisture seeping through the wall and into your basement. This seepage can wreak havoc on your foundation if left untreated.

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing is Here to Help Whatever the Cause

No matter which direction the cracks in your basement walls are spreading, an experienced professional is your best resource, especially in northern states that have enduring winters and more humid climates. For over 45 years, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has been inspecting, diagnosing, and making repairs to homes in need. That kind of experience is invaluable in knowing how to remedy issues that water may be causing for your foundation.

Give us a call at (586) 949-7826 or use our online form for a free evaluation. We will inspect each and every crack to better understand your specific need in order to permanently waterproof your basement giving you peace of mind.