Do You Know What Your Sump Pump Is Doing?

Learn Your Sump Pump To Keep Your Basement Dry

Contrary to most homeowner’s beliefs, it is not the job of a sump pump to be continuously working. A sump pump should only turn on and off, when it is necessary to keep your basement and house dry. Chances are, if your sump pump is running too often, it is overworking itself, causing the wear and tear to grow much faster. Check to see if your sump pump is overworking itself, and if it is, there is clearly something wrong. Below are a few things that could potentially be causing problems for your sump pump.

  • The Switch: First, you should check the switch on your sump pump. This switch controls the sump pump to turn on and off, which controls the levels of the water in the pit. If the switch is stuck in the on position, it may be sticking or clogged and needs to be addressed. If your sump pump is excessively vibrating, your switch may also be turning “on” due to getting out of place or rubbing against something that is affecting the switch. Ideally, this switch should be able to control between on and off, whenever necessary, on its own.
  • Pump Size/Liner: Your sump pump may also be sized incorrectly. The liner connected to the pit should fit correctly around your sump pump, allowing the water to flow appropriately. If there is too much water around your pit, or of the pit is too big for the sump pump, your liner may need to be adjusted accordingly. In this case, make sure to call Tom’s Basement Waterproofing to have professional basement waterproofers correctly size your sump pump liners.
  • Check Valve: The check valve is what allows the water that is being pumped into the pit, from reentering the house and going back into the sump pump. First, look to see if you have a check value. If your system does not contain one, it may be time to put one in. If you do have a check value, make sure that water is being pumped out of the sump pump, and is not going back down into the pit. When a sump pump is being overworked in this area, it will wear out quickly.

Is Your Sump Pump Running Way Too Much?

Overall, your sump pump should not be running day and night, or at all hours. A sump pump that is running nonstop is experiencing issues, and should be addressed quickly. Sump pumps that are installed by professionals, are correctly sized with proper liners, have a working check valve, contain correct switch alignment, and are regularly maintained, to last a lifetime. When your sump pump is being overworked, so will your energy bill.

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