Don’t Ignore These Signs of Home Drainage Issues

heavy rain pouring down from passing storm

Drainage issues are the bane of houses and other buildings. When it rains, all that water has to go somewhere – okay, so most of it evaporates back into the air, but a lot of it seeps into the ground. If you are not taking the proper precautions or the necessary steps to monitor this, then that water could end up destabilizing your foundation and with potentially disastrous consequences.

The most obvious sign of a drainage issue is how water behaves after a heavy downpour. If puddles tend to linger, then that means the current drainage arrangements are inadequate. You will want ways in which water can be dealt with so that it naturally moves away from your home. If it collects where it falls, then eventually it will seep into the ground and there’s the danger that it may find its way into your foundation.

Prevent Drainage Issues by Making Sure Your Gutters are Not Blocked

Your home’s guttering system is there to make sure that any rainwater that collects on your roof is safely taken away so that it cannot ‘soak’ through the rest of the building. It is best to make sure that your gutters are kept free of debris on a regular basis but just to make sure, check them during heavy rainfall. If they are overflowing, then that means they are not performing the job they are designed to do and need to be cleared. Other noticeable signs include peeling paint and dirt streaks.

Cracks are always an obvious sign that your home could be having problems when it comes to adequate drainage. Your foundation will crack ‘naturally’ because over time your house or other building will settle, putting pressure on the foundation. If water gets into these cracks (as it often does) then this pressure will increase and the cracks will widen, so always keep an eye on any cracks and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye on the State of Cracks in Your Garage or on Your Driveway

Your garage and driveway are also prone to cracking, so both should be kept in a very good state of repair. Don’t worry, you do not have to completely repave your driveway should you notice a few cracks! A quality foundation repair specialist will repair those cracks to get your driveway looking as good as new.

Here at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing we can help you with all aspects of proper drainage, including extensive foundation repair. If your home is facing drainage issues, then don’t ignore them! Contact Tom’s Basement Waterproofing (586) 776-7270.