The Basics of Drain Tile

Back to basicsThe experts at Tom’s Basement’s Waterproofing are often asked about drain tile. What is drain tile? How does drain tile work? Do I need drain tile in my home? We’re here to set the record straight and help you understand exactly what drain tile is in the basement waterproofing world.

Where drain tiles began

The concept of drain tiles was first adapted into the agricultural industry. On the American lands, farmers would use a combination of stones, ditches, wood, and tiles, that eventually helped form the system that drain tiles are today. Over the course of this time, the drain tile system started to also take on the name of ‘French Drains.

The drain tiles that were used on the farms were designed to keep the fields from flooding. This helped combat the problem of oversaturation and kept their crops growing appropriately. Drain tiles eventually started to take on more roles, and functioned in the cities as irrigation systems to transport water, keep home lawns from flooding, and more recently, placed around basement foundations to keep water from coming in the home.

Over the course of time, drain tiles have been referred in many different mediums, and are also know as French drains, footing tile, tiling system, rubble drain, and many other terms!

Properties of drain tiles

While the makeup of drain tiles can vary in size and shape, there are a few components that remain consistent:

  • Perforated holes at all points of entry
  • Placed in stone
  • Almost always round
  • Constructed from PVC or clay

The main takeaway we want you to understand about drain tiles and how they are important to basement waterproofing is the main goal of waterproofing: keeping water away. Drain tiles are designed, whether for your farm, home, or lawn, to keep water away from areas where it isn’t welcome. At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we utilize drain tiles in your basement and foundation repair, to make sure that water doesn’t pool or sink into your home and cause extreme damage down the line. With all of the different varieties and forms of drain tile that have evolved over the years, there is a drain tile out there that fits your exact needs!

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