Early Signs You Have a Mold Issue Brewing

Basement Bar in Man Cave, Billiards Room

These are the months in which we prepare for all kinds of visitors with the holidays around the corner. However, the scariest visitor may already be making its way into your home without your knowledge.

Mold and mildew are tricky and definitely not a treat for homeowners in the Detroit MI area. Both of these contaminants can find a breeding ground in multiple spaces of your home if there are existing moisture issues.

Fortunately, before they begin to wreak havoc, there are some indications that an area of your home is a prime candidate. Keep an eye out for these signs to avoid being visited by the early warnings of a mold problem!

Know the Conditions for Mold Growth

Mold tends to thrive on soft and porous materials like wood, carpet, cardboard, and drywall. If these materials are located in spaces with access to moisture, but not a lot of light—then mold tends to latch on and grow quickly.

Do a quick inspection of your home—especially the basement and crawl space—to discern if any of these environments exist. If so, consider how you might add some natural light or replace the existing material with one that is less mold-friendly.

Discovering Mold Can Require All the Senses

Other cues that mold may be in your future include discoloration of furniture or building materials around the home. Also, mold growth will cause warping of whatever it is growing on currently.

More signs that mold or mildew is beginning to find a foothold in your home have to do with your nose and lungs! If you begin to notice a musty smell in a part of your home, it is time to investigate further.

Some may describe this smell as a wet dog or blanket that has not had the opportunity to dry out. It is important not to ignore new smells around the home in order to avoid major mold issues down the road.

Finally, take note of the health of those in the house. Mold and mildew cause allergies to flare up and other respiratory issues if not remediated.

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