Experienced Foundation Piering in All of Southeast Michigan

Has your foundation seen its better days? Rather than replacing your entire foundation, our team at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing offers experienced foundation piering in Southeast Michigan. Many houses in the area have poor foundation supporting the actual structure. If your home falls in this category, it’s time to make a change so that your residence can have the support it needs for years to come.

What is Foundation Piering?

For those homeowners that are not familiar with the foundation piering process, we’re here to provide you with the basics around this effective option. By installing steel piers under the footing of your existing foundation, our team at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing is able to provide your home with added support. Additionally, if your foundation has been so weak for so long that your home structure needs to actually be lifted, foundation piering will get this job done as well. Poor soil conditions could be the reason why you’re having these foundation issues. Our experienced foundation piering services in Southeast Michigan helps your foundation extend below the poor soil. This deeper ground is much more stable than the weak soil that has been causing you foundation issues over time.

Importance of Foundation Piering

At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we believe that foundation piering is so important because it offers our clients an affordable way to avoid permanent foundation damage to your home. By being proactive now and investing in foundation piering, your home will have the added support that it has been missing for far too long.

Trusted Foundation Piering Team

Foundation piering isn’t a home improvement project that just anyone can do. When you’re dealing with the foundation of your home, it is critical that you are working with experienced foundation piering professionals. At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we offer the total package when it comes to experienced foundation piering in Southeast Michigan. To top it off, our work is backed by more than 40 years of experience and your foundation piering will be backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. By combining our affordable prices, years of experience, attention to detail and advanced foundation piering services, our overall service simply cannot be matched.

So, if your foundation could use some extra support, why not look into experienced foundation piering in Southeast Michigan. To learn more about the basics of foundation piering, and to request a free foundation piering estimate, give Tom’s Basement Waterproofing a call today at (586) 776-7270.