Five Benefits of Installing Egress Windows

Egress Windows in Basement

The installation of egress windows has picked up over the past couple years as more and more families are converting their basements to WFH (work from home) office space. A finished basement provides an optimal environment for productive work.

As a naturally insulated space—both for climate control and sound—having a quiet and comfortable area to handle video calls is invaluable these days. There is, however, one issue many homeowners are trying to figure out how best to address when setting the basement up for optimal productivity.

The main issue with basements is lighting and too many remodelers are quick to install harsh overhead lighting in the space as a remedy for the problem. There is a much better way.

Let the Light In

The most noticeable benefit to installing egress windows when converting or fixing up a basement is the addition of natural light. In a previously dark and damp basement, the right egress window installed properly can provide more effective illumination than a light fixture.

The size and shape of an egress window allows natural light to flood the space. Of course, homeowners can install shades or blinds in order to control the level and distribution of the light—along with providing privacy when necessary—but there is no better way to fill your basement with sunlight.

Improving the Value of Your Home and the Air you Breathe

Aside from lightening up the space, an egress window also makes your basement more functional while increasing its value. Current regulations require that in order for a basement to be used as a bedroom, an approved egress window must be installed.

Adding an egress window allows homeowners to claim an extra bedroom and increase the value of their home. By adding an egress window, the basement is also instantly made safer thanks to the ability of residents to exit in case of an emergency and provides first responders space to easily enter the home.

Yet another benefit of an egress window is improving the aesthetics of the landscape around a home while acting as a high-quality ventilator—allowing natural and clean air in the space. This improves the curb appeal outside while improving the environment inside.

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