Foundation Failure And Foundation Piering

Is your home experiencing foundation movement, bowing walls, sinking additions, garages, or porches? These common problems may be causing cracks in your dry wall, unlevel floors, and doors that are unable to close properly.

Some Causes Of Foundation Failure Problems

No matter what foundation failure your home is encountering, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has a remedy to solve your problems! Helical piers, steel beam reinforcements, concrete pumping, and engineered basement wall re-builds, are all projects that we have completed every day, for the past 40 years.

Common Signs Of Foundation Failure In Your Home

Signs Of Foundation Failure

Upon arriving at your home for an estimate, you can guarantee a true foundation inspection with Tom’s Basement Waterproofing. Our experts make sure that all homeowners understand why a foundation is sinking, leaking, moving inward, or falling away. We then will make sure all of your options are discussed, and the best possible solution is implemented for you and your home. Tom’s Basement documents every moment of your repairs, offering you pictures and videos to see each step of the process. By using previous completed repairs to reference, you will be able to see how Tom and his employees proficiently and quickly can tackle each job.

We encourage you to call with any questions or concerns you may have about your foundation problem, the repair process, or estimates. We will refer you to similar home that has gone through the same renovation, and ensure you that experienced basement repair technicians will see that your job is completed professionally.

Feel free to stop by anytime! We love meeting our customers off the phone, guide them through the repair process, and introduce them to our qualified staff. We truly believe the visual representation of our business and meeting in-person is worth more than words can describe.

Below are a few pictures of completed jobs, which utilize helical piers to stop sinking foundations.

Prior to installing steel piers, by using a mini excauator.
 After piers were installed, and house was lifted to close the cracks, on a brick home in Chesterfield Township.
After piers were installed, and house was lifted to close the cracks, on a brick home in Chesterfield Township.

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