Foundation Waterproofing in Memphis MI

Foundation Waterproofing in Memphis MI

At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we are proud to offer a comprehensive foundation and basement repair/waterproofing service. We’ve been serving customers in Memphis, MI, and beyond since 1975 and offering an experience that makes us a one-stop shop for all of your foundation waterproofing needs. With a broad range of services and a 100% guarantee, it just doesn’t make sense not to call us today for your free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate for any type of foundation waterproofing.

Foundation Waterproofing Through Crack Repairs 

One of the biggest sources of water entering your basement is through foundation cracks. In order to ensure dependable foundation waterproofing, crack repair is an essential task. Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has a trained and experienced team that can use portable equipment to work on any job site at any time. We provide foundation waterproofing and crack repairs to both residential and commercial buildings with no disruption to your home or business. By choosing us to repair your foundation cracks now, you can prevent any worsening of the problem and stop worrying today.

Foundation Waterproofing Through Piering 

Another potential cause of water seepage is a sinking or shifting foundation. Our technicians can install steel piers that support and stabilize your foundation and the entire structure. Not only does this process ensure the safety and structural integrity of your building, it’s also a key component of foundation waterproofing when leaking or flooding is caused by these common foundation issues. Don’t wait to repair a sinking or shifting foundation, as it could easily become a much larger issue that compromises the entire structure of the building. Completing your comprehensive foundation waterproofing repairs now can save you potentially tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

Other Foundation Waterproofing Methods 

In some cases, your foundation may be allowing water to enter your basement simply because excess water is building up outside your foundation. In these cases, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing offers a host of potential solutions specifically tailored to the individual cause. We offer services as minor as sealant application for foundation waterproofing issues to the installation of sump pumps to help keep water away from your foundation. We even offer extensive foundation repair for worst-case scenarios.

Call The Experts Today So You Can Stop Worrying About Foundation Waterproofing

When you have a problem with moisture in your home or commercial building, you know it’s an immediate problem. You also want to make sure you’re hiring the best possible company to complete this critical work. With Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, our 100% guarantee and convenient financing options mean you can get this problem put to bed for good. For effective and well-priced foundation waterproofing services in Memphis, MI, and beyond.

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