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When it comes to your residence in Grosse Pointe Park MI, there is perhaps no more crucial element than your foundation. If you do not keep your foundation in a decent state of repair, then you are likely to experience multiple issues throughout your home, including doors that won’t close properly and windows that routinely stick.

To prevent future foundation issues, you can rely on foundation waterproofing in Grosse Point Park, MI, as provided by Tom’s Basement Waterproofing. Since we began our business in 1975, we have helped around 20,000 people prevent damage to their foundations and basements with foundation waterproofing.

Learn What Foundation Waterproofing in Grosse Pointe Park, MI Can Do For You

The number one enemy of your foundation is moisture. Moisture is simply everywhere – coming up from the ground beneath your foundation, in the soil at the sides of your foundation, and even in the air that comes into your foundation. Preventing moisture from entering your basement can seem like a losing battle.

Moisture intrusion, if left untreated, will simply weaken your foundation. Cracks may appear as your foundation spends its life under constant pressure from the ground on all sides. Once water finds its way into cracks in your foundation, they will only get worse.

Moisture is Enemy Number One As Far As Your Grosse Pointe Park MI Foundation is Concerned

Moisture is also the main attraction in your Grosse Pointe Park, MI, foundation and basement for mold and mildew. Your basement quickly becomes an unpleasant place to be once mold and mildew take hold.

There is actually a solution for all these issues – foundation waterproofing in Grosse Pointe Park, MI. With foundation waterproofing, techniques are used that will limit as much as possible the amount of moisture that is successful in finding its way into your Grosse Point Park, MI, home.

Just think, you paid quite a bit of money for your Grosse Pointe Park MI home, and your home will depreciate in value if you allow issues with your foundation to remain unchecked. Secure your investment by investing in foundation waterproofing sooner rather than later!

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