Repairing Frozen Pipes To Prevent Basement Water Damage In Michigan

frozen pipe

Frozen pipes are common in Michigan because of the extreme cold temperatures of the winter. If a pipe freezes and bursts, it could lead to extensive basement water damage. Ideally, you should prevent this from happening ahead of time using some of the safety practices below. Here are some tips for repairing frozen pipes to prevent basement water damage.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

To prevent pipes from freezing, leave the faucet dripping in the room furthest from your water source. You do not need a large stream of water. You just need enough of a drip for something to be flowing through the pipes. If the weather is projected to be extremely cold, you may want to run all of your faucets to be safe.

For outside faucets, purchase insulated covers to go over the spigots. These are only a few cents each, and they will drastically cut down the cold air that enters your pipes.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

In some cases, all you need to do is turn your water on to get your pipes thawed. The flowing water will melt away the ice and release any blockages that may be present. If that does not work, you will need to check for bursts or leaks on the outside of the piping. Those will need to be repaired before you thaw your pipe.

You may use a space heater or hair dryer to thaw the frozen area of the pipes, which should allow your water to flow again. You may also try putting rags around the pip and pouring warm – not hot – water on top of the area.

Temporary Solutions For Emergency Repairs

If you are unable to repair your frozen pipes for a few days, you may see if you can use an inner tube and clamps to temporarily fix the problem. In some cases, you can also use plumber’s tape to cover the leaks. The area you are trying to fix will need to be completely dry for this to work properly.

Permanent Repairs For Frozen Pipes

If your frozen pipe needs a permanent repair, contact a licensed plumber in Michigan. They can use a pipe clamp to repair the damaged area or replace the section of piping affected by the freeze.

Water Damage Restoration After A Frozen Pipe Bursts

If a frozen pipe bursts in your Michigan home, shut off the water going to that area. If there are no valves easily accessible, you may need to shut off the water supply to the home until you can get a plumber out to do the repairs. You will also need to contact a water damage restoration company like Tom’s Basement Waterproofing to remove the excess water and repair anything damaged along the way. We will check for areas that could lead to mold development or other issues so your home is well protected in the future.

Follow the tips above to prevent frozen pipes in Michigan, and contact a plumber or water damage restoration company if any issues arise.