Heavy Snow In Detroit Makes For Very Wet Basements

Mounds Of Heavy SnowJust when we thought we might be in the clear this winter, the heavy snow has hit Metro Detroit once again. Unlike last year, where smaller amounts of snow eventually grew to record setting numbers over several months, this time we were hit all at once. In some areas southern Michigan, cities saw snow as high as 14 inches.

Mounds of Snow = Water Everywhere

After you’ve cleared your driveway and hope for a sunny day, don’t forget that all of this snow can potentially lead to basement issues. Improper drainage systems and poorly placed runoff areas can cause turmoil in your home and basement.

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing is here to help you make sure you’re prepared to either handle your wet basement, or potentially defer the issue all together! Even though we’ve already seen the snow, you can still put these steps into place, for now and future harsh winter weather.

  • Check your drains and gutters: Do you know what happens when your gutters are clogged? Water will run over the top and hit the ground will full force. Because the water didn’t access the proper drainage system you put in place, it will sink deep into your foundation and start creeping along your walls. Avoid this issue by making sure your gutters are cleaned regularly, and secured tightly to your foundation. Additionally, make sure your drainage systems are placed away from your foundation and home.
  • Install a sump pump: If your basement is prone to flooding issues, a sump pump can become your best friend. When water seeps into your basement, this mechanism starts working to get it out quickly. Flooding will soon become an issue of your past!
  • Call the professionals: Tom’s Basement Waterproofing is on call and ready to help you work through this heavy winter snow. When you start to see significant issues in your basement, don’t wait and hope they disappear. Give us a call and we’ll address them quickly and efficiently!

Michigan winters are some of the worst, and the homes and offices around Metro Detroit often get hit the hardest. However, don’t let winter become any more of a burden than it has to be. With the proper precautionary steps and professionals on call, you can cross basement floods, foundation issues, and waterproofing, off your list!

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