How Foundation Piering Works

foundation piering

Foundation piering is one of the safest and most effective ways to repair foundation cracks and prevent more cracks from developing in the future. The process is quick, easy, and far more affordable than the cost of a new foundation. Best of all, you can use your building the entire time your foundation is repaired, so you don’t have to worry about any disruptions. Here is a look at how foundation piering works so you can understand what is happening in your home or office.

Step 1 – Preparing For The Pier

In order to make room for the foundation pier to be installed, contractors will create a 3’x4′ hole in the ground near the foundation. The soil that is removed will be put back at the end of the process, so there is no yard destruction. With the evacuation in place, foundation of the building is exposed. The contractors will scrape the soil from the base of the foundation and chip away uneven concrete to create a level surface for the pier to be attached to. Then they will install a support bracket for the pier itself.

Step 2 – Installing The Pier

Brackets and hydraulics are put in place to start the actual pier installation. From there, the contractors will install a guide sleeve through the support bracket. They will then install the starter section of the pier and the pier sections to follow until the sections reach close to the top of the support bracket. A fastening plate is attached to the top pier section, which is slightly above the support bracket.

The hydraulics are used to raise the foundation of the building to the desired height. Then the support bracket and fastening plates are attached to the pier permanently. The contractors will take readings for the depth, elevation, and pressure around the pier for future reference.

Step 3 – Clean Up

With everything in place for the foundation pier, the soil excavated in step one can be put back into the hole. Any plants that were removed during that time will be replaced as well, so the area will not look disrupted. After the cleanup process, the foundation will be completely secure, level, and structurally sound against future cracks and damage. If multiple piers need to be used on the building, this same process will be repeated for each pier until the building’s foundation is properly supported.