How Improper Drainage Can Cause Foundation Problems

How Improper Drainage Can Cause Foundation Problems

Improper drainage can lead to much larger issues than just a wet and muddy yard that never seems to dry out. More than just creating the environment where grass is difficult to grow and weeds or moss thrive, the oversaturation of soil next to your home can lead to massive problems with your foundation as well.

When moisture builds up in or near your home, the slab, crawl space, or basement is at risk of major damage. Mold and mildew inevitably follow and the issues begin to compound quickly.

When water is puddling next to your house or if the ground adjacent to your home’s foundation never seems to dry out following consecutive days without rainfall, there is one fix that will most likely remedy the situation.

Proper Drainage Now Will Alleviate Major Damage Later

Hiring a professional and experienced foundation repair company to assess your oversaturated property will lead to the proper solution. For homes that have improper drainage around their home, a trusted repair company has the tools and expertise to provide the right fix.

When it comes to improper drainage, the job to remediate the issue is not complicated, but does often require the use of heavy equipment and other tools a professional repair company has access to. The installation of a properly designed and installed drainage system will solve the problem of excess moisture around your home.

There Can Be More to Drainage Than Just Grading

The proper installation of downspouts is also often part of the solution. When downspouts are improperly directing water toward a lower grade near the house, water pools near the home rather than draining away from it.

Gutters should always be pitched away from the house in the direction of the downspout, rather than back toward the home or another part of the roof. Also, the installation of a french drain next to the home or wherever water currently collects following a rain will ensure that water is directed away from the foundation.

If you notice signs of water stains on your concrete or foundation, excess water puddling, or even musty smells inside the home, it is time to contact a foundation repair company for an assessment of your property.

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