How Waterproofing Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Older couple talking with basement waterproofing contractor.

When thinking about adding value to your existing home, many people consider remodeling or renovating a room to increase its overall value. While these superficial changes are an attractive method, there are other ways to increase the value of your home that may have an even higher return on your money.

The Best Investment to Make Now is One that Helps Avoid Damage Later

Not only does waterproofing increase the value of your home, but making the investment now will also save you from costly repairs in the future. These repairs may even be more expensive than the waterproofing job itself. The costs to repair water damage include not only the foundational repair and structural replacement, but also expensive mold and mildew remediation to other parts of your home.

Moisture leaks through existing cracks in your foundation or basement walls. As this water enters your home, the result is increasing humidity that leads to more damage internally. Inspectors and buyers will be looking closely for signs of humidity in your home when it comes time to sell. Dealing with the issue now will prevent the potential for exposure when others are looking for signs of water damage later.

The Problem Lurks in Places You Don’t Think to Look

From puddling in your crawl space to cracks in your brickwork, the signs that point to a need for waterproofing are not always obvious. How often do you enter your crawlspace? Most likely, you won’t realize there is an issue until you call for a service that requires a technician to access these spaces and he or she may not even notice the damage if not looking for it specifically.

Again, a waterproofing job is not nearly as exciting as a more typical update to your home, but it will give you a high return on your investment. Some experts estimate that waterproofing your home can have as much as a 30-50% return on the money it costs you. This allows you to pocket the profit for use in purchasing a new home or allocating to other projects.

Even if you are not considering selling your home anytime soon, you are also making an investment in your own health by waterproofing. Mold and mildew are well known to cause or worsen breathing conditions for homeowners.

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