How Winter Storms Cause Problems for Basement Foundations

How Winter Storms Cause Problems for Basement Foundations

You may think the main reason for any damage to your basement during a winter storm is self-evident. In truth though, the situation is a bit more complicated than that.

Storms bring wind, but the main problem with storms and basement foundations is the rain or snow. This presence of water in the ground can affect and damage your foundation long after a period of bad weather.

The water that falls to earth during a storm has to go somewhere

The water that falls from up above us during a storm has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is underground. This creates groundwater, which is water that has seeped into the soil and is being pulled downwards by gravity. This causes pressure to press against your home’s foundation, thus weakening it over time. Water under pressure will also find ways to infiltrate your basement, and even the most microscopic crack in the foundation wall will allow water to seep in.

Small cracks, if left unattended, will soon turn into huge bigger cracks, hence weakening the walls of your foundation even further.

Beware of dampness and moisture in your basement

Dampness in your basement needs to be attended to and attended to quickly. The quicker you notice foundation damage, the less serious the repercussions, and the less expensive the foundation repair bills. Your foundation is what your home or building sits upon after all. If it fails, then your whole building can start having issues, such as uneven walls, doors, and windows that no longer fit properly and unsightly cracks. Excessive damage to your house could even lead to your home being declared structurally unsound and too dangerous to be used as a residence.

Some common signs of groundwater infiltration are:

White/grey deposits (known as efflorescence) on your basement walls or floor

  • A bug infestation
  • Signs of mold or mildew
  • A dank, musty odor
  • Walls that bow
  • Cracks in your walls, floor or basement ceiling

Naturally, it goes without saying that if you find unexplained pools of water in your basement, then this is something that you need to attend to before your basement suffers significant amounts of serious and expensive foundation damage.

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