Why You Should Consider Insulating The Exterior Of Your Home Today

Retrofit old house with energy saving insulatingUnless you’re located on the water or a canal, basements are present in almost every Metro Detroit home. Likewise, more and more homeowners are utilizing their basement space as a livable environment, which is why it is more important than ever to make sure your basement is in great condition. This includes insulation, but we don’t just want to you think about comfort. Basement insulation will save you energy costs and protection from harmful weather elements down the line.

At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, many homeowners understand the importance of insulating the interior of your home. However, the exterior is just as critical for the longevity of your home. If you’re using your basement as a livable space for you and your family in Michigan, consider these cost-saving attributes when you insulate the exterior of your home and basement.

  1. Minimize heat loss – When you insulate the exterior of your home, the heat in your home will remain in your foundation, rather than outside. Your concrete walls will control the thermal temperature and environment of your home, and keep your home more comfortable all year long.
  2. Protect your waterproofing investment – If your basement is currently waterproofed, insulating the exterior of your home is a great way to protect that investment. Exterior insulation adds another layer of protection to keep the waterproofing sustainable and durable against moisture.
  3. Save more money – By considering external basement insulation, you can save yourself thousands on interior basement waterproofing costs. This includes stud damage, dry wall damage, and the endless other issues that go along with moisture in basements.
  4. Protect your interior through the exterior – When your basement is insulated on the exterior of your foundation, you’re ultimately protecting the lifetime and aesthetic principles of your interior walls. Exterior insulation keeps condensation out, eliminating the presence of bumps, cracks, and rotted wood. Your living space will stay in better shape for years to come, and beautifully painted walls won’t lose their luster.

When you’re considering improving your home, and investing in your basement, don’t forget about external insulation. As foundation repair experts in Metro Detroit, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing understands that protecting your home starts from the outside of your walls. Our professional team will walk you through the external insulation process from start to finish, and show you exactly why our methods for product selection, backfilling, and customer service are unbeatable in Michigan. Are you ready to give your home more life? Give Tom’s Basement Waterproofing a call today! (586) 776-7270