Keeping Your Options Open to A Multi-System Company

Example of house with improper grading and drainage
Example of house with improper grading and drainage

There are three main choices that homeowners have when choosing a basement waterproofing solution; interior drain system, outside excavation or waterproofing, and injection waterproofing. A single system company is not always the best answer, and at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we want to make sure you have options available. With over 30 years of experience, our contractors have seen and worked on every level of waterproofing. We know that a dry basement is important to daily life, and can guarantee that our services will ensure a comfortable and livable environment. Below are the details to securing a dry and safe basement:

  • Interior Drain System: This process involves cutting and removing the basement floor around the perimeter, to install the drainage system. This system is designed to divert water from coming up though a basement floor, directing the water to either a sump pump or existing storm sewer system. Most importantly, the drainage pipe should always be incased in gravel, with clean outs installed before the floor is re-cemented. This is an ideal method of water diversion.
  • Outside Excavation or Waterproofing: This procedure involves digging outside next to the basement walls. The existing drain tile system is removed and replaced with new pipes, followed by a cleaning of the walls, in order to secure waterproofing material or membranes. This layer is then backfilled with a gravel material, such as P-Stone, 6 A Stone, or a Slag Stone. This system removes the water before it can ever reach the basement. Outside waterproofing is deal for block or poured walls.
  • Injection Waterproofing: This method can only be performed on poured walls, from the inside of the basement. It is an ideal and inexpensive solution to fill and waterproof cracks, beam pockets, and window sills. Typically, Urathane or Expoxy is used to correctly secure the substance on the poured walls.

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It is important to always choose a company that can perform various types of waterproofing, when looking for estimates. Straying away from the single system procedure companies will save you time and money, by making sure that you have options when it comes to looking at damage. Every basement has a reason for leaking, and qualified contractors are trained to giving homeowners the best option to resolve their problems. After it’s all said and done, Tom’s Basement can give you all of the options! We examine all the pros and cons of each method of waterproofing, to find what is best suited for your needs. Trust us with the right method of repair!

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