Landscaping To Help Your Basement And Foundation Last

Landscaping Picture Illustrates Foundation RepairIn Michigan, our summers consist of long days, full of sun, and we certainly make the most of every great day that we can. Flowers start emerging from the ground, color comes back into our neighborhoods, and everyone is eager to get back out in their gardens.

While you’re working in your yard this month, consider how your landscaping can help keep your basement dry and your foundation solid. We don’t want you to fear about winter just yet, but these preventative projects can truly help your property in the colder months to follow.

  • Tend to the gutters – Long winters and wet springs mean for messy gutters and downspouts. Now is a good time to clean them out and get rid of any clogged areas that are causing problems for your home. If you’re not comfortable getting on that ladder, make sure you hire someone to address this issue while it’s warm.
  • Clean up the yard – All of those branches, debris, and flat grass all need a little care and attention. Take time to clean the twigs and leaves around your yard and dispose of them appropriately. This is also a good time to look around your foundation for weeds and other unwanted plants. The healthier and clean your lawn looks, the better it truly is!
  • Rake and detangle – The grass closest to your foundation is probably in the worst condition. This is because during the winter months grass will get matted down and tangled, but raking it out can bring back life. Don’t forget this step, as it will help water travel properly through your grass in the summer, rather than into your basement.
  • Trim your trees – You want to make sure that your trees, bushes, and shrubery are not overgrown. When these areas are too lush, it creates too much shade, and can lead to moisture in and around your home, since the sun is not hitting these areas to dry it out. While some shade is appropriate, don’t let it take over your yard.
  • Add a rain garden – When runoff is becoming an issue in your home, a rain garden can help alleviate your water issues. This appealing area of your lawn (typically several plants surrounding each other) can help collect water near a basement, and stop it from leaving the soil.

For more tips on how to keep your basement dry and your foundation sturdy this summer, give Tom’s Basement Waterproofing a call today! (586) 776-7270