Maintaining Your Waterproofed Basement Today

Basement Waterproofing MaintenanceTom’s Basement Waterproofing is prepared to offer you any amount of tips and suggestions for getting water out of your basement, fixing foundation issues, and keeping your home or business dry for years to come. However, many basement waterproofing customers think that their job is done after the professionals leave. When it comes to protecting your investment, whether it’s your home or business, periodic maintenance is always necessary to ensure that your basement waterproofing job lasts a lifetime.

The professionals at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing first want to assure you that calling us to handle your basement waterproofing or foundational issues is the biggest step and hurdle you’ll have to overcome. When you’ve made the decision to waterproof your basement, you’ve already tackled most of the work. However, there are some proactive measures you can implement into your future routine of your home or property, which will make our waterproofing job more worthwhile.

What should you look for to make sure your basement waterproofing job is doing the work?

  • Check your foundation – Look around your foundation regularly for any cracks or erosion. If you notice either, see if it’s possible to quickly patch up the cracks, and if a landscaper would be necessary for the erosion issues.
  • Check your land – The slope of your lawn or ground should always be moving away from your foundation. This will ensure that the potential new drainage system we put into place is working correctly and that water is moving away from your basement. Additionally, look for any areas that may be pooling water. These are low spots in your lawn and could cause a problem down the line for your foundation, if not addressed.
  • Check your supplies – When we say supplies we mean the gutters, drainage systems, and plumbing of your home or business. Your gutters should remain free of debris and cleaned regularly. Drainage systems should move water away from your homes and not have any leaks or cracks in them as well. Also, look through the plumbing in your property to make sure nothing is leaking, or could cause problems for your basement.
  • Check your foliage – If trees, shrubs, or other plants are living too close to your home or foundation, the water and drainage systems put into place could be compromised. If your property surrounded by foliage that has been targeted as an issue for your home, you may want to consider removing them in the future.

Remember, proper care and maintenance of any new basement waterproofing system will ensure that it is working correctly. If you have any questions on how to make sure your basement waterproofing job doesn’t go to waste, give us a call! (586) 776-7270