Mistakes That Can Lead to a Wet Basement and Damaged Foundation

Mistakes That Can Lead to a Wet Basement and Damaged Foundation

Excess water that is not dealt with properly and finds its way into your home can be a major cause of foundation damage. There are some easily avoidable mistakes homeowners often make that lead to water in the basement!

Avoiding these mistakes goes a long way to steering clear of damage down the road. Water in the basement and foundation damage from a lack of moisture control can lead to very costly repairs.

It is easy to overlook these mistakes and they are sometimes made by very well-intentioned homeowners who think they are doing something good for their home. Knowledge is power, however, and knowing to not make these errors will pay off in the long run.

Water Seen is Always Better Than Water Unseen

The most common mistake many homeowners make is ignoring watermarks and damp areas in their basement. Even if water is reappearing infrequently, there is still an issue that must be dealt with.

This type of evidence is actually a gift for homeowners and should be motivation for further action. It is often the water going unseen that is doing damage without a homeowner’s knowledge.

Having a professional waterproofing company or foundation repair specialist determine the source of the water is vital to avoiding further damage to a basement. Many times, this issue can be traced to clogged gutters or downspouts. Moisture that is not dealt with prior to waterproofing a basement is sure to lead to damage even after the job is completed.

Don’t Fall for the Easy Fix

Another mistake homeowners make is relying on paints, stains, and sealants to keep water away permanently. If only keeping a basement dry were as easy as slapping a coat on the concrete walls and floors!

As part of a larger effort, using waterproofing products can aid in managing moisture in the home, but not as stand-alone.

An additional classic mistake people make is failing to understand the condition of soil surrounding their home. When soil is not compacted against the home, water will be absorbed, rather than running off.

This allows the water to find its way into a home’s foundation and basement. Proper grading from a professional waterproofing company is often the fix.

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