Preparing Your Basement for Potential Summertime Flooding

Preparing Your Basement for Potential Summertime Flooding

Certain threats to your basement become more prevalent during different times of the year. For example, homeowners are concerned with pipes bursting and causing water damage to their homes during winter due to freezing temperatures.

There are also risks to crawl spaces and basements to be aware of in the summertime as well. Spring and summer can bring heavy rainfall. If you turn on the national news anytime between March and August, you generally see a story about massive flooding in one area of the country or another.

For many of us, it is only a matter of time before we have to deal with massive rainfall. When heavy rains result in an oversaturation of the soil, excess water follows the path of least resistance, which is often times the lowest parts of our property. There is nothing lower than a home’s basement.

Protect Your Basement from Potential Flooding

A basement brings a lot of joy and convenience to homeowners so taking some time to prepare it in case of heavy rains or flooding is an investment in the happiness of those who enjoy it. Homeowners will never regret prepping for the worst, especially when the time comes that they need it.

Speaking of the worst, when heavy rains that cause flooding overwhelm sewer systems and converge with sewage itself, the results can be devastating for homeowners. Preventing this type of damage is possible in many instances.

The Right Foundation Repair Contractor Can Assess Your Needs and Provide the Best Prevention

Whether you have a living space in your basement or you have yet to finish it, the installation of a commercial grade sump pump can be a lifesaver when you become the victim of flooding. Creating a pit into which excess water flows that can then be pumped out of your basement through a discharge pipe is a system that saves homeowners a lot of money and headaches later.

There are several other preventative measures that a local licensed contractor like Tom’s Basement Waterproofing can provide as well. From ensuring gutters and downspouts are properly installed for handling torrential downpours to grading and positioning drains directing water away from your home, maintenance ahead of time avoids catastrophe after the fact.

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