Recognizing the Shifty and Subtle Threat of Moisture Damage Early

Home Appraiser or Home Inspector using smartphone to photograph insulation and plumbing

Homes often grow musty and unpleasant through a drawn-out process that goes unnoticed by the homeowner. When moisture is making its way into a basement or crawlspace through a small crack, rather than a large and obvious leak, the results easily go unrecognized.

The smells and musty feel of a home with moisture issues that have developed over the course of years are much less apparent to those living in the house. Residents living in the space become accustomed to these odors and the rising humidity because it happens slowly.

While this threat to your home—and health—can lead to thousands of dollars in damages, there are a few steps that can help avoid the issue altogether.

A Pro Can Spot Moisture Issues Immediately and Suggest Solutions

The first action is scheduling a consultation with an experienced and trusted waterproofing company. This often-free service leads to peace of mind for homeowners thanks to a trained expert who can smell and spot signs of water damage immediately upon entry—and sometimes before he or she even gets inside.

Homeowners who have not had their home inspected by a waterproofing company at either the time of purchase or since having the home built are wise to schedule an evaluation of their foundation—including either the crawlspace or basement.

Some Homes are More Susceptible to Moisture and Foundation Damage

Older homes and those built quickly may not include the right design elements to avoid moisture issues well into the future. The good news is that not all is lost even when moisture has proven to be a problem in basements or crawlspaces.

While the range of costs for the right solution varies greatly, the expense is always worth it when you consider not only the risk of major structural damage, but also the hazards to your health.

A company like Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has been providing effective solutions to keep Michigan homes safe and dry for over 40 years. Owners can rest assured the condition of their largest asset is in good hands with a proven and insured waterproofing company.

The investment made in smart solutions for waterproofing your foundation and basement today pays off—some of these returns can be calculated while others are immeasurable.

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