Sump Pump Problems? Don’t Call The Plumber

Sump Pump ProblemsWhen pumps and drains in your home are either clogged or not working correctly, the first thing that comes to mind is to call the plumber. However, in the case of the sump pump, that controls and maintains your dry basement, the basement waterproofing professionals are a better option.

What Could Go Wrong? 

The team at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing knows that not all sump pumps are created equally, which is why we find one that works best for your home and waterproofing situation. However, since we haven’t installed all the sump pumps in Metro Detroit, there are a few things that could stop it from working properly.

Clogging – When sump pumps are not installed correctly, they can quickly clog. The huge problem with clogging is that the motor will start working faster and harder to make up for the issue, and will ultimately burn out faster.

Float Switch Issues – When flimsy and cheap float switches are installed into your sump pump, it can either develop a hole, causing it to sink, or get stuck in one area of the pump. When the float switch is not properly placed in your sump pump, the machine will stop working all together.

Overflow Of Water – Poor quality sump pumps will not be able to withstand heavy rainfall. When a sump pump starts working overtime to make up for this issue, it will burn out and quickly stop working.

Why You Should Call The Waterproofing Professionals

Basement waterproofing experts know everything there is to know about a sump pumps. How to install it properly, how to wire a sump pump, and how to test the mechanisms to make it is working correctly, are all a part of what a basement waterproofing professional is capable of assessing and resolving.

Trust the professionals at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing to understand all of your basement issues and needs. Whether you have ongoing water issues, need new mechanisms installed, or just a yearly checkup; we’re the experts at our field. Leave the rest of the pipes and clogs to the plumbers, and the sump pump to us!

For more information on what services Tom’s Basement Waterproofing provides to all of our customers, give us a call today! We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns, or quote you on a new waterproofing job, on the spot! (586) 772-7670