The True Cost of Neglecting Foundation Repairs: A Long-Term Perspective

The foundation of your home is one of the most essential parts of your home, being the very building blocks upon which it is constructed. Therefore, neglecting or willfully ignoring foundation issues can lead to catastrophic and expensive repercussions far worse than the initial repairs. While short-term problems, like leaking or unsightly damage, can be mitigated, the long-term perspective can give you a clear view of what to expect from neglecting your home’s foundation.

Structural And Health Implications Of Delaying Foundation Repairs

If foundation repairs are abandoned early on, the structural damage can spread throughout the entire home. When your foundation cracks, everything above it will follow suit, leading to the following potential issues:

  • Wall Cracking: Cracks running horizontally along your walls can imply that the foundation underneath is unstable, putting stress on the walls of your home. These cracks can result in leaking, further damage, and a loss of insulation integrity.
    • Windows, doors, and floors can become uneven, causing them to stop functioning correctly, leading to jammed doors, windows, and creaky floorboards.
  • Pest Invasions: When your foundation cracks, it can create small, cozy living spaces for pests to move in as unwelcome roommates. Insects, rodents, and more will see the unsealed spaces of your home as their own, causing even more damage or leaving behind droppings, which can be toxic to humans, with the added cost of pest removal stacking atop those of foundation repairs.
  • Mold Growth: Many foundation issues can be caused by water intrusion, and even when they aren’t, the cold and dark crevices in a cracked foundation create the perfect environment for mold to spawn. Mold spores are destructive, can create breathing issues, and are incredibly difficult to remove once they take root in the foundation or lower portions of your home.

Financial Considerations Of Long-Term Foundation Damage

When you have a damaged foundation, it can mean more than just health and safety concerns. Over time, the damage will worsen and grow exponentially the longer it is left untreated. A small crack can lead to a simple repair or can spiderweb into dozens, multiplying the deterioration over time and creating more problems that compound upon the initial damage. Waiting to commit to repairs will increase the cost and complexity of the eventual repair you will need or cause you to eventually sell the property. So, what is the real difference in cost?

A simple crack repair, where many foundation problems begin, can cost anywhere between $100-$1000 depending upon the severity and location of the crack. While seemingly expensive, that cost is nothing compared to a structural overhaul, which may be needed just a few years later if the foundation repairs are neglected. Moreover, as issues compound, getting everything into working order can cost you many thousands of dollars to repair sagging walls, cracks in the foundation, water damage, and more. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to intervene earlier rather than later. So, what can you do about it?

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