Top 3 Signs You Have a Leaky Basement

Projector screen and comfortable seating in spacious basement room

Basements can be a double-edge sword for homeowners. A basement provides helpful multipurpose space. On the other hand, though, basements can be a pain in the side of a homeowner—especially if not properly built or cared for by previous owners.

Too many homeowners have taken the out of sight, out of mind approach when it comes to maintaining and maximizing their basement. Whether this describes you and you want to turn your basement into a finished space or you have recently purchased a home where this was the case, the right basement waterproofing company can come alongside to ensure your basement is safe from leaks!

If you are curious about potential leaks in your basement, here are three top signs that you most likely have a water issue.

1. Structural Defects

When a basement has been compromised and is exposed to external environmental factors like water, it is only a matter of time before the walls begin to reveal that there is an issue. As the soil surrounding your basement expands and contracts, the walls of a leaky basement can experience significant swelling and shrinkage. This pressure causes walls or floors to shift and ultimately crack.

Noticing these cracks or bowing walls in your basement means it is time to contact a professional waterproofing company before the structural integrity is further compromised.

2. Dampness and Odors

A classic telltale sign of a leaky basement has to do with feel and smell. If you notice a contrast between the humidity levels in the main living area and the basement when you enter the space, moisture is likely entering the basement.

Also, a leaky basement will eventually have a distinct smell—musty odors should alert a homeowner that it is time for an inspection. This is especially critical in order to avoid major damage from mold or mildew.

3. Shiny and Stained Walls

When water has been leaking down a basement wall, the surface area can appear shiny and water stains become noticeable. If your basement walls feature an extra sparkle, it is probably from the minerals being deposited on the wall as the water makes its way inside.

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