Types Of Basement Wall Crack Repairs In Michigan

basement wall crack repairsWhat are the most common ways to repair basement wall cracks in Michigan? This all depends on the types of cracks you have and why the cracks are forming in the first place. In this guide, we will explore some common foundation wall crack repairs we use here in Michigan.

Identifying The Source Of The Problem

Before we can repair your basement wall cracks, we need to figure out what is causing the cracks in the first place. The cracks could be the result of:

  • Foundation Settling: The building sinks into the ground as the years go by, and it may shift over time. This shifting creates cracks in the walls or foundation flooring.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure (Groundwater): As groundwater builds up around your foundation, the pressure can create cracks in your basement walls. This is especially true if you do not have proper basement waterproofing to stand up against the pressure.
  • Improper Construction: If your home was built in a rush or your foundation was laid before the ground was ready, you may experience cracking. This can be repaired, but it is best to take care of the issue as soon as you notice it.

How To Repair Basement Wall Cracks In Michigan

There are several ways to repair basement wall cracks, depending on how severe they are and where they are located. First, we must resolve the cause of the crack. If it is from settling, you may need foundation leveling to get everything aligned properly again. If the issue is hydrostatic pressure, we will need to evaluate your drainage system to ensure that water is traveling away from your property. We will also need to apply basement waterproofing to the interior and exterior of the basement to prevent more cracking in the future.

For the actual crack repairs, some minor cracks can be filled with caulk. The caulk will not get to the deep layers of the crack, but it can help hide it cosmetically. Caulking is usually only considered a temporary method of foundation crack repairs.

Other options include epoxy injections, polyurethane injections and hydraulic cement. These vary in price and application methodology. All foundation crack repairs should be handled by professionals because they have the tools and equipment to get the job done right. If you only have a temporary solution, you could end up with a much bigger and more costly problem later on. Contact Tom’s Basement Waterproofing to learn more about foundation crack repairs in Michigan.