Understanding the Signs of Foundation Damage

Whether you have a basement or a solid concrete foundation, problems with your home’s foundation can be potentially catastrophic. Health concerns, loss of value, and costly repairs are just a few reasons you should be aware of the early signs of foundation problems. Intervening before foundation problems become more significant than you can handle is essential to keeping repair costs low and maintaining a safe home. So, what should you look out for? Read on to find out.

Identifying The Early Signs Of Foundation Problems

The foundation is the very literal backbone of your home, and much like a ship’s keel or frame of a car, even small bits of damage can quickly get out of hand and exacerbate previously minute problems. Even if you don’t access your basement or consider your foundation often, you should thoroughly inspect the foundation at least every few months, if not once a month. Some of the things you should look out for when looking for foundation problems include the following:

  • Excessive Cracking: Cracks can be expected in a foundation; as the house settles, minor fractures can appear. However, if cracks are more than two inches in length or more than a few millimeters in width, it can indicate damage elsewhere. Additionally, cracks in the ceilings or walls of your home can likely be caused by foundation shifting and damage.
  • Water Damage And Residue: Water can easily flow over and around several surfaces, but it also has the power to slowly and surely carve through even the densest stone. The concrete of your home’s foundation is no safer from water erosion than the Grand Canyon. Water intrusion on your foundation can result from faulty plumbing, flooding, or inadequate home waterproofing. Even if water is not present when you inspect your foundation, evidence of dark spots and the buildup of dirt or calcium can be evident from brown streaks that run along ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Floor Buckling And Doorframe Sagging: Are your floors surprisingly springy and doors that closed quickly becoming challenging to shut without slamming? Both can result from a shifting foundation and indicate that it may be time to look for other signs or call a professional repair company.

The Cost Of Complacency When It Comes to Protecting Your Foundation

Foundation damage is the slow killer of homes, but it can be easy to write off minor problems. However, any foundation problem should be taken seriously and addressed with haste. The cost of being complacent can result in health hazards like mold, more significant damage over time as it compounds, and increase the cost of eventual foundation repairs.

When You Should Consider Professional Foundation Assistance

Some minor foundation problems can be easily repaired by applying foundation patches or by adequate waterproofing. However, if you notice consistent issues that worsen despite your intervention, it may be time to call a foundation repair professional for assistance. Extensive foundation overhauls, waterproofing, and repairs require specialized equipment and techniques that can be expensive to acquire the proper materials and skills. Therefore, if you doubt and notice more than one issue in your home, it may be time to consult a basement or foundation repair professional.

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