What To Do When You Find Water in Your Basement

What To Do When You Find Water in Your Basement

One of the least fun discoveries to make in a home is walking down your basement steps to retrieve the toy your child just remembered only to find standing water in the space! There is no need to freak out, but there are some steps to take immediately.

There are several issues that can lead to standing water in the basement. From a plumbing leak to clogged drains or cracks in the wall—it is easy for water to wind up in the basement.

Ultimately, you will need to discover the source of the water, but it is important to prioritize a prompt response in the moment and you definitely do not want to skip over the first step.

Safety is Top of the List

The most important factor is keeping everyone safe. When water makes its way into places it was not meant to go, personal well-being may be in danger. Remember how you were warned about leaving a hairdryer next to the bathtub as a child?

Water is an incredibly effective conduit for electricity. Ensuring that standing water is not coming into contact with electricity is vital in keeping you safe as you handle the cleanup.

Wearing rubber boots is an important safeguard against shock or electrocution as you wade into a flooded basement. Keep your hands off electrical appliances and exposed wires as well!

A Sump Pump is Your Best Friend

The best way to remove standing water is pumping the water out. If the water is isolated and only a dozen gallons or so, a wet dry vac may do the trick. However, if there is a lot of water, then a pump that continuously moves the water out of the basement will be necessary.

There are a couple of options when it comes to a sump pump. The best choice—especially if you are unaware of the source—is having a sump pump installed by a professional basement waterproofing company. This protects your basement and home against future flooding.

If your basement is already finished, the cost of restoration following a flood is high enough for just one round. A professionally installed sump pump can save homeowners from paying it again.

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