Why Are Concrete Piers Used to Repair My Foundation?

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Do you think that your home just sits on the ground? Nothing could be further from the truth! Your home is like an upside-down iceberg – there is plenty to see above, but a lot is going on below too. Below your home sits your foundation, and your home needs a solid and supportive base upon which to sit.

The structural integrity of your home must be protected at all times. Without that integrity, your walls may bow and crack, your floors could become uneven, and your windows may suddenly refuse to shut. Your foundation also protects your home from the harshest elements of the weather.

The Structural Integrity of Your Foundation is Critical

One common element of a foundation that can be added to increase structural integrity is concrete piers. Suppose a basement or foundation specialist has suggested concrete piers be added to your foundation to help its integrity or to aid repairs. In that case, you may wonder why such a thing is necessary. You are about to learn why!

Piers are beams sunk deep into the ground – far below your basement – to add a stabilizing factor to your foundation. For example, if you live in a coastal region, your home has already probably been built with concrete or masonry piers. This is because coastal areas are more prone to high water levels, so piers are used to make buildings as stable as possible.

Even if you do not live in a region close to the coast, your foundation may benefit from introducing concrete piers, particularly if your foundation is failing. The type and dimensions of the piers used depend upon the type of ground upon which your home sits, such as tight, dry, or loose, sodden soil. The foundations for concrete piers are built around a foot to a foot-and-a-half above ground. If the foundation were built directly upon the earth, then it would be too easy for the moisture above the ground to seep in and cause damage to the foundation.

Concrete piers can be circular, square, or rectangular and come in various thicknesses from six to sixteen inches. The depth to which concrete piers are sunk is typically around five to six feet. Some of the benefits of using concrete piers for foundation repairs or to strengthen your foundation are as follows:

  • Concrete is Readily Available – There is concrete everywhere! It is a straightforward material to manufacture and is cheap but practical too. It is more affordable than any metal or wood, both prone to erosion when they encounter water.
  • Easy to Install – Concrete piers are relatively easy for a reputable and experienced foundation repair company to install.
  • Airflow – The increased airflow around the gap between the foundation and the piers keeps the air circulating in your home, decreasing heating bills when it is cold and cooling bills when it is warm. It also creates a convenient space for utility workers who need access to investigate plumbing or electrical issues.
  • Increases Stability – Your house will be much more stable and less prone to vibrate due to external factors, such as heavy traffic close by or extreme weather events.

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