Why Foundation Repair is Not a DIY Job

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Have you noticed significant foundation damage beneath your home and want to try repairing it yourself? Stop right there and read this article before you even attempt such a colossal undertaking. Would you trust a neighbor without a college degree to perform heart surgery? If you don’t have the specialist skills, tools, and a crew of enough people to assist, you may do more harm than good. While it can be tempting to DIY your home repairs, the foundation is the very bedrock of your home, and one mistake can lead to a cascading effect of further damage and danger that will not only lower your home’s value but can worsen the problem you initially tried to fix.

Specialized Foundation Repair Knowledge Is Essential

There is a good reason that the construction and foundation repair industry is filled with experienced professionals and is not a trade like crochet that can be learned in an afternoon from a YouTube video. While some things, like wall repairs, simple plumbing issues, and door framing, can be challenging but doable for the average homeowner, a foundation bears the weight of your entire home and requires intensive training to understand all the components that go into repairs.

It would help if you thought of foundation repair as a puzzle, and without an expert to advise and guide your hand, you would be working without any corner pieces. Some factors that go into foundation repair are soil composition, age, damage type, foundation waterproofing, and much more. All of which require experience and knowledge that take years to learn and decades to master.

Raise Your Home’s Value, Don’t Deteriorate It With Proper Foundation Repair

While many people may look to the outside and aesthetics as a marker of a home’s value, the foundation is the most significant contributor to your home’s worth. Without a solid foundation, all the cosmetics, like the roof and external paneling, will sink and shatter to pieces. Do-it-yourself repairs that damage the foundation, rather than fix it, can result in the depreciation of your home’s value and even, in the most extreme cases, render your property uninhabitable due to the dangers that a shaky foundation can cause.

Foundation Problems Can Pose A Serious Danger

If you are inexperienced and attempt to repair your foundation, you could open yourself up to potentially life-threatening risks. Your entire home sits atop your foundation, and crushing injuries seriously threaten your life and limbs if improperly braced.

Save Yourself Time And Money By Hiring a Professional Foundation Repair Contractor

Regarding foundation repair, timeliness is crucial, as the damage worsens over time due to water intrusion, growing cracks, and unstable weather conditions. One saying to live by is “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Doing something right the first time can save you money, and taking the slower route of waiting for a professional assessment and repair can smoothen out the entire process. When you hire a foundation repair expert, you do not need to purchase expensive equipment that you will only use once, and reputable company with a large crew can do it in hours or days, which can take a single person weeks or months to repair.

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