Why Summer is the Best Time for Your Basement Waterproofing

Summer is the best time for basement waterproofing for a number of reasons.  The summer months can mean heavy rain, which can overwhelm your foundation, especially if it has developed cracks.  Those cracks could become larger as the rain erodes the surrounding material.  And that will allow rain into your basement, which you definitely do not want.

Heavy rain and snow can also occur during the colder months of the year too, but summer is better for basement waterproofing because there is no chance of the ground being frozen in the summer.  Frozen ground is much more difficult to dig into, which means that it is more difficult to begin the process of waterproofing when the ground is hardened by persistent cold.

Another factor that makes the case for summer being the best time for basement waterproofing is that higher temperatures allow for the waterproofing to dry and cure faster.  If you are experiencing water infiltration into your basement, even in small amounts, we recommend having the job done now.

Protect your Basement from Water Damage

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing is a leader in basement waterproofing. We have made ourselves experts in basement waterproofing during our more than forty years in business.  Our work comes with a 100% guarantee.

Here are some of the features of our work that provide a strong case for waterproofing your basement during the summer months:

  • We offer competitive pricing for waterproofing cracks in your foundation. Our repair process is proven and backed by our company’s guarantee.
  • In addition to repairing cracks, we also offer a process called Foundation Piering (see below).
  • Our repairs can be made to cracks found in both the interior and exterior sides of your basement walls.

Foundation piering is a waterproofing process that preserves the structural integrity of your foundation.  It involves installing vertical columns below the foundation to support the weight of your house and strengthen areas weakened by cracks and moisture infiltration below ground level.  Once the foundation is strengthened, we can begin the process of waterproofing by filling cracks.  Not all foundations with cracks require foundation piering, but it will be necessary for us to assess your situation thoroughly in order to guarantee a leak-free basement.

Basement Water Experts

Take advantage of the warmer summer months to have us look at your basement and help you determine how best to address your basement leakage problems.  Call us at (586) 776-7270 and we will be happy to help you.