Affordable Ways To Prevent Basement Leaks: Basement Waterproofing MI

prevent basement leaks

Basement leaks can cause mold, excess humidity, and a slew of other problems. There are steps you can take to prevent basement water buildup, and they all cost significantly less than water damage restoration. Whether you have a small leak now or you’re trying to avoid one in the future, the tips below will help you out. Here are some affordable ways to prevent basement leaks in Michigan.

Direct Water Away From Your Foundation

The water drainage system on your property will have a major impact on the hydrostatic pressure built up around your basement. In other words, the more water drains near the foundation, the more pressure your basement walls will be under. If you have gutters and downspouts, make sure they remain clean and directed on a downward slope away from the foundation. You can also use a French drain to collect water and guide it off the property. The better you plan, the less water you will have to deal with.

Clean And Seal Your Dryer Vent

Dryer vents can let humid air into your basement. This is a subtle way for moisture to build up, and it can create a mold problem over time. Clean out your lint filter between loads, and clean out your dryer vent at least twice a year. This can collect lint that the filter does not catch, which can block the air from escaping properly. Use foil tape to seal the connecting points of the dryer vent, and you can keep the space as dry as possible.

Use Foam Insulation Around Pipes

Cold pipes may drip condensation into your basement. This once again creates moisture that can lead to problems. You can easily insulate your piping with foam which will protect the pipes from freezing and busting. Any water droplets that form will disperse in the foam and evaporate quickly.

Invest In Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is more affordable than most people realize, and it is far less expensive than water damage repair. During the waterproofing process, we will seal off your basement walls to create a shield against exterior water. Not only will this prevent basement leaks, but it will also strengthen your basement walls as a whole. We can also look for potential causes of basement leaks, like faulty pipe connections. If there are any noticeable issues, we can take care of them for you to protect your property.

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