Predict And Avoid Basement Leaks In Michigan

basement leaks

Basement leaks can be costly to repair, depending on how long they are left untreated. The best way to avoid these expenses is to avoid the leaks altogether. Some leaks are unavoidable, like in years when Michigan has abnormally high rainfall. Nevertheless, there are some tricks you can use to predict and prevent basement leaks in your Michigan home.

Waterproof Your Basement

The best way to prevent basement leaks in Michigan is with basement waterproofing. This creates a sealant in your basement that protects it against water that may try to seep in. As we mentioned above, Michigan faces heavy rainfall from time to time. If your basement is waterproofed, you won’t have to worry about the effects of this rain on your foundation and basement. Contact Tom’s Basement Waterproofing for a free quote, and we will get your home prepared for the rainy days ahead.

Monitor The Weather

When it comes to predicting potential basement leaks, you mainly need to keep an eye on the weather. When it rains heavily, the soil absorbs the water and puts pressure against your basement walls. This pressure may last several days after the rain has passed. Make note of times when the weather is going to be bad in your area so you can look for cracks and leaks in your basement. If it is well sealed though, you should have nothing to worry about.

Consider The Weather From Last Year

If you received a lot of rainfall in your area the previous year, the rain may have eroded part of the soil surrounding your foundation. This will create a pocket for water to fall directly into, which will put even more pressure on your foundation. Make sure you have sufficient soil around the base of your home so you can be prepared for what this year has in store.

Check Your Gutters And Downspouts

Your guttering controls how much water builds up around the base of your home. If the gutters are clean and properly positioned, they should push water away from the house and help protect your basement. Make sure your gutters are clean, and check for leaks. If you want to do a test run, you can use your water hose to run a stream of water through the gutters while the weather is still nice. Complete any repairs necessary to protect your foundation and avoid basement leaks.