Common Causes Of Basement Leaks In Michigan: Part 1

basement leaks

Do you have unexplained water in your basement? Have you noticed cracks and chips in your concrete floors as a result of basement leaks? Most homes in Michigan have basements, which can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to home ownership. While these spaces can provide extra storage and entertainment areas for your family, they can also lead to costly home repair bills under the wrong circumstances. Let’s take a close look at common causes of basement leaks in Michigan, along with tips for how to repair them.

Leaks around Window Frames

Oftentimes water will seep into the basement of a home through a crack around a low-lying window. Even a small window near the basement’s ceiling can be a potential source for leaks. Check the seal around the frame of the window, and add a line of caulk around any areas that are cracked or leaking. If that is not enough to fix the leak, you may need to get a new window frame or replace the window altogether. Older windows with thin glass can get worn and cracked over time, creating an easy path for rain and soil saturation to come in. Upgrading your windows should get rid of this problem and prevent future damage in your basement.

Heavy Water Saturation In The Soil

Because of the heavy rain and snow that Michigan is known for, the soil in the area becomes very saturated. Sometimes the ground around your home’s foundation just isn’t absorbent enough to hold all that water. This will cause pressure to build up around the basement (which may eventually crack the walls or floor), or it may cause water to seep in through the pores in the concrete. Either way, you will end up with leaks in your basement that need to be repaired.

There are several ways to go about fixing this issue. For starters, you can create a drainage system around your home to prevent water from building up around the edge of the building. Once you’ve directed the water away from the house, you can invest in basement waterproofing to seal off the concrete and prevent water from coming in. This process is much like any other waterproofing system, designed to lock out moisture and prevent it from going where it doesn’t belong. Here at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we guarantee our waterproofing for life, so you never have to worry about this issue again.

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