Common Causes Of Basement Leaks In Michigan: Part 2

basement leaks

This is a continuation from Part 1 of our list of common causes of basement leaks in Michigan.

Cracks In The Foundation

As mentioned above, water pressure around your basement can cause cracks in your foundation. These cracks may also be the result of shifting soil underneath your home. Fixing the cracks will fix the leaks, but only if you go about the process correctly. Sometimes the fix is as simple as filling in the crevices in the concrete, but the root problem may stem much further than that. Many Michigan homeowners get special foundation piers installed below their home to strengthen their foundations and prevent them from shifting in the future. This will ensure that cracks do not form later on that you have to continually fill.

Misdirected Gutters And Downspouts

Your guttering plays a key role in the drainage system for your home. If your downspouts are not pointed away from the house, they could put water directly around the edge of the basement. In order to fix this cause of basement leaks, simply check the positioning of your downspouts. If you notice that one is misdirected near a leaky area in your basement, you can change the direction of it so it does not cause any more problems.

Faulty Plumbing And Piping

If the leak in your basement happens near an appliance (washing machine, fridge, etc.) or underneath one of your bathrooms, it may be the result of faulty plumbing or piping. This is common during the winter months when pipes are more susceptible to freezing and cracking. In the event of leaking piping, you will need to get the pipes repaired or replaced in order to stop the leaks from happening. As a temporary solution, you can avoid using the bathroom or appliance that the plumbing goes to so water does not flow through the pipes.

Overgrown Roots

While it is not common, there are some cases where plant roots can pop through a basement or create enough pressure for cracks to form. This takes a tremendous amount of time to do, so most people are able to notice a problem before it gets that bad. Nevertheless, you may encounter this issue if you buy a home that you do not know the history of. You can relocate or remove the plants in order to fix this problem and then repair the basement leaks accordingly.