Black Mold And How To Prevent This Toxic Substance

Black Mold And Water Damage In A BasementWhen you have a moisture problem in your basement, you may come across an additional problem: mold. While typically assumed as a separate entity, mold is a symptom of your moisture issues, and toxic black mold can spread quickly. The best way to remove this issue from your home is to eliminate the ability for moisture to enter.

Causes of Mold In Basements

Mold spores tend to exist naturally in the environment, and prey on decomposed organic substances. Mold only needs water and a food foundation to start rapidly growing in your basement. Here are few areas where mold can start to take formation:

How To Prevent Mold Growth 

The first thing you will need to control in your basement, to prevent mold, is the element of water. The humidity should be kept at 50% or lower, with additional conditions in the basement to keep it consistent. Look at your basement just like any other space in your home, where moisture would become a problem.

Dehumidifiers are a great way for keeping humidity at a consistent level in your basement. However, before jumping into a dehumidifier, you’ll need to address any leaks or cracks in your foundation. If you notice any additional seepage, then it’s time to call Tom’s Basement Waterproofing for a more thorough inspection of your basement foundation and walls. Seepage is usually due to water drainage problems on the perimeter of your home, and our experts can make sure they’re working properly. Clear off any drains, downspouts, and gutters to make sure they are all working correctly. After this has all been evaluated and fixed, then you’re ready to implement the dehumidifier.

Bleach Will Not Kill The Mold. It’s Time To Call The Professionals.

If your home is experiencing reoccurring mold issues, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing can help. A common myth is that bleach will kill mold altogether. Bleach will only address the surface of your mold problem, but does not eliminate it from reoccurring.

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