Check Your Ceilings For Foundation Damage

Ceiling In Home To Inspect For CracksYou may have noticed that your ceiling has a few cracks starting to form. There is a difference between which cracks you can stress about and the others that you can let go. Tom’s Basement Waterproofing knows the difference and is here to put your mind at ease.

Every standing structure is bound to experience some movement over time. These small shifts in the ground are normal, but sometimes may result in cracks in your ceiling. When the weather changes rapidly, or when groundwork around your home or business is occurring, your ceiling could become susceptible to some changes.

How can you know if these cracks in your ceiling are something to worry about or not?

  • Location of the cracks – Where are your ceiling cracks actually located? Depending on the location, this can help you determine exactly what is happening to your home or business. When your cracks are located around the sides of your ceiling, it means that your house is settling in the ground. When cracks are located in the middle of your ceiling, this can be a foundation problem, and it’s time to call Tom’s Basement Waterproofing to get a professional opinion. If you start noticing several cracks showing up around your ceiling, this could be another serious foundation problem that is beyond your personal scope or control.
  • Bowing of ceilings – If you started noticing some cracks in your ceiling and also have seen some bowing, this is also a sign of a foundation issue in your home or business. Your home can only support so much weight, but once the weight has been exceeded, the support joints will start to deteriorate and weaken. This is what causes the ceiling to bow or lean, and could eventually collapse.
  • Direction of cracks – When you notice that the cracks in your ceiling are vertical, this is a sign of structural damage in your business or home. Usually these cracks only appear after environmental occurrences, such as heavy storms or earthquakes. The bigger the crack, the bigger the problem, so make sure to keep a close eye on any vertical cracks that have popped up over time.

How do we fix ceiling cracks?

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing will determine, based on a personal inspection of your business or¬†home, exactly how to go about fixing your foundation damage. However, with use of steel push piers and helical piers, we drive stable foundations into the soil beneath your business or home to keep things secure. Also, we will determine the level of moisture in your home, as this is one of the most common reasons for ceiling cracks. With Tom’s Basement Waterproofing your home is in good hands, so don’t wait around for issues to become larger! Give us a call today! (586) 776-7270